Dream Walkers

An Academy For Film & Tv Aspirants

Film making is no more the domain of the privileged select. As a result of the digital revolution there are aspiring actors and film makers in every nook and corner of our country, bubbling with ideas and unbridled zest to express themselves. They even have basic resources to create stories at home but hardly any access to formal education in doing so effectively, aesthetically. Dream Walkers bridges that need-gap by bringing knowledge to their doorsteps with the faculty that consists of FTII and NSD graduates who are actively practicing their craft in the industry but also have passion to share their knowledge and experience with young film and tv aspirants in their free time.

Dream Walers is founded by Saurabh M. Vanzara, a Writer-Director-Producer and one of the most respected media professionals in Mumbai who began his career with post graduate Diploma in Cinema [Film Direction specialization] from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune. The Academy was co-founded with Sanket M. Vanzara and Surabhi S. Vanzara, an actor par excellence, a writer who has written in diverse genres, a creative director as well as a producer.